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Lakers’ LeBron James says John Wall is comparable to Russell Westbrook

lebron james, john wall, russell westbrook

After being thoroughly dismantled by John Wall and the Washington Wizards on Sunday night, Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James had a favorable comparison for the lightning-quick guard — Russell Westbrook.

Obviously, the difference between the Russell Westbrook and John Wall is still vast; Westbrook is an MVP who averaged a triple-double and never shows up to a game without bringing 100 percent energy. Wall can electrify crowds with the best of them, but he has been accused of lackadaisical defensive effort and sulking on the court.

The one true comparison between the two is the pure speed with the ball. Once either of them grabs a loose defensive board, the race is on to the other end of the floor. Both guards have long been regarded as two of the fastest players in the league.

John Wall played an excellent game Sunday night, scoring 40 points to lead his Wizards to a 128-110 victory over the Lakers. He looked absolutely dominant for stretches, scoring at will over an assortment of Laker defenders. When the Lakers attempted to trap him, Wall used his exceptional passing ability to get his teammates open looks.

John Wall might have some ways to go to become a player of Russell Westbrook’s level. While the talent is certainly there, consistent effort on both ends would certainly help him close the gap between the two. Wall will have a chance to have back-to-back monster games when the Wizards face the Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday evening.