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Lakers star LeBron James shades other NBA stars for offseason workouts

LeBron James Lakers Ben Simmons

LeBron James is tired of the endless offseason workout clips. The Los Angeles Lakers star recently took to Twitter to express his frustrations on the subject.

While LeBron James doesn’t specify which players he’s talking about exactly, several Lakers fans were quick to respond with various clips of Ben Simmons taking jumpers.

Some just went straight into clowning Ben Simmons with memes in response to the Lakers star.

However, given the fact that Ben Simmons has been ridiculed endlessly for his lack of a jump shot, LeBron James probably isn’t referring to the Sixers All-Star. The Lakers star is also a fellow Klutch Sports client with Simmons, so the shade was probably meant for someone else. Maybe someone can deduce who based on LeBron James’ following list?

The Lakers star himself has been spotted in several offseason workouts alongside newest teammate Russell Westbrook. Maybe he should be transparent about what they’re working on just to give his peers some pointers on how to construct an effective offseason workout routine.

LeBron James and the Lakers have championship aspirations this season. With questions on their overall fit and chemistry on the court, they’ll definitely putting in the time with their own workouts in the coming weeks.