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LeBron James’ strong message on whether Lakers want play-in or 6th seed

LeBron James Lakers play-in

The last few days of the NBA’s regular season have been as frantic as they’ve ever been thanks to the addition of the NBA play-in tournament. The fate of the Los Angeles Lakers hangs in the balance of a handful of different outcomes – one result they can control, others they cannot.

But LeBron James wants his squad to shut out the noise. The Lakers star was adamant that his team will be ready no matter how the dust settles in the end. James’ parting words on the matter were clear, as reported by Lakers insider Mike Trudell.

The Los Angeles Lakers are the defending champs, after all. With their quest to become repeat champions set in stone, they’ll need to be able to beat anyone who stands in their way. Whoever they face first on their road to another title should be irrelevant.

The Lakers take on the New Orleans Pelicans in their final tilt of the season. To be able to sneak into the sixth seed and leapfrog the Portland Trail Blazers, their game against the Pels is a must-win.

But regardless of their result, they’d need the help of the Denver Nuggets in knocking off the Portland Trail Blazers to be abe to jump up in the standings. Then there’s the matter of the Los Angeles Clippers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder game, which could impact the final seeding in the West as well.

Instead of getting caught up in all the mental gymnastics, LeBron James is leaving it up to fate. No matter where the chips end up falling, the Lakers plan on winning big.