Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James is one of the most polarizing sports figures in the entire world.

While he does have legions of fans that support him at all costs, he likewise has to deal with a battalion of haters on a daily basis, many of whom are anonymous users on the Internet.

Absorbing all the negative energy, even for a sports icon like James, can be incredibly draining so its good that he’s come up with a constructive way to deal with all the animosity.

Here is his tweet:

The video’s message is pretty clear, basically saying that no matter what these haters say or do, he’s not letting it affect him or get under his skin.

Good job, LeBron, and props to you for using a classic cartoon show to get your point across.

Still, a lot of the hate that The King gets is objectively unwarranted. He’s made a number of questionable decisions in the past, but overall, he’s done some pretty wonderful things as well and they outweigh the former by far.

Not only is he a highly decorated NBA player with the skill, talent, and achievements some people can only dream of having, but he’s also a model citizen with a long history of helping out the community.

James' haters must learn how to let things go and just appreciate the greatness that he brings to the game of basketball. After all, in a few years, he may no longer be the same player he is right now.

Let's just learn to value his greatness before its too late.