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Lakers news: Lil B threatens to curse Lonzo Ball

Lonzo Ball and the Los Angeles Lakers better beware. Ball had some extremely controversial takes in the first episode of the new “Ball In The Family” reality show as he said that hip-hop legend Nas was “outdated” and that Migos and Future were “real hip hop.”

Ball’s comments did not sit well with rapper Lil B (aka The Based God), who threatened to curse the Lakers and their prized rookie for his disrespect.

Anyone who is unaware of Lil B and the Based God better look back at history before laughing off this threat of a curse as a mere joke.

Lil B, a Golden State Warriors fan, famously put a curse on Kevin Durant back in 2011, saying KD would never win an NBA championship after Durant criticized his music.

What became of that curse? Durant’s Oklahoma City Thunder lost to the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals the following year, and also squandered a 3-1 lead in the conference finals to Lil B’s Warriors back in 2016.

But when Durant decided to join the Warriors last summer, “the Based God” (Lil B’s alter ego) finally lifted the curse.

What happened a few months later? The Warriors won the title and Durant was the Finals MVP. Coincidence?

So, Lonzo Ball has drawn the ire of Lil B and the Based God. What should the Lakers do now? Either they force Ball to apologize for his comments about Nas, or trade him away to the Warriors as a peace offering to the Based God.

The former option may seem a bit extreme, but the Based God’s power is real and the Lakers should want no part of any curse.