Lakers news: Lonzo Ball still in LA if he played with LeBron James more
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Lonzo Ball would still be with Lakers if he played with LeBron James more, claims LaVar Ball


New Orleans Pelicans guard Lonzo Ball was having arguably the best year of his career prior to the season hiatus. The move to New Orleans over the summer seems to have worked wonders for Ball, as he has found a new sense of freedom playing for head coach Alvin Gentry. In the mind of his father, LaVar Ball, however, his son would have still been playing for the Los Angeles Lakers right now if only the team had played him more alongside LeBron James.

“If he would have played with LeBron and they let him play with LeBron, he would have still been there,” LaVar said on Complex’s Load Management podcast, via Jacob Rude of USA TODAY Sports. “They did that one and both got a triple-double. Luke (Walton) said ‘Too much success. Leave that alone. We won’t do that again.’”

Lonzo played just one season with LeBron last term, and it was not exactly an ideal pairing. Lonzo’s role on the team dipped upon the arrival of James, and so did his production rate. Lonzo’s outspoken father is pinning the blame on Lakers former head coach Luke Walton, who LaVar believes did not give the Lonzo-LeBron duo enough of a chance.

For the record, it’s not only Lonzo’s former team that his dad has been taking shots at recently. LaVar has also set his sights on one of his son’s current teammates, rookie sensation Zion Williamson. According to LaVar, not only is his other son LaMelo much more popular globally as compared to Zion, but that Williamson would be “useless” had it not been for Lozno being on the Pelicans.

Now there’s the LaVar Ball that we’ve all missed.