NBA news: Zion Williamson less popular the LaMelo Ball, claims LaVar Ball
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Zion Williamson less popular than LaMelo Ball, claims LaVar Ball

Zion Williamson, LaMelo Ball, LaVar Ball

LaVar Ball had quite a few things to say pretty much about anything and everything in a recent appearance on Complex’s Load Management podcast. One of the things he took aim at was New Orleans Pelicans rookie sensation Zion Williamson, who happens to be the teammate of his eldest son, Lonzo Ball.

LaVar compared the Zion hype to that surrounding his own son, LaMelo, who is currently being touted as a high lottery pick for the 2020 Draft. According to LaVar, his son’s popularity far exceeds Williamson’s.

“Melo’s (aura) is better. Because Melo is worldwide,” LaVar said, via Jacob Rude of USA TODAY Sports. “You take Zion to Germany or Lithuania or Latvia or Estonia or London, they don’t know who he is. You take Melo over there, you know who he is. Like I said, take him over there and see. Ask who Zion is, they’ll look at you crazy like ‘Who is Zion?’”

LaVar’s argument here roots from how LaMelo has already played abroad even before stepping foot in the NBA. The 18-year-old has had stints in Lithuania, and more recently in Australia. In that respect, LaVar may be right that his son is more well-known in these specific countries as opposed to Zion Williamson.

Then again, Zion has had a ton of hype long before he made his NBA debut this year. He may not be at the level of the LeBron James’ or the Stephen Curry’s, but every single true basketball fan anywhere should know who Zion Williamson is. At this point, we’re not sure if the same can be said about LaMelo.