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Lakers react to historically awful 3-point shooting in ugly loss to Blazers

Lakers, LeBron James, Frank Vogel, Kyle Kuzma, Anthony Davis

Much has been made about the Los Angeles Lakers’ surprising Game 1 defeat at the hands of the eighth-seeded Portland Trail Blazers on Tuesday. One thing that cannot be denied about the loss is that the Lakers’ 3-point shooting failed them on the evening.

With the Lakers going 5-of-32 (or 15.6%, which happens to be the tied for the second-worst in playoff history with a minimum of 30 attempts) overall against Portland, Lakers superstar LeBron James tried to make sense of what was an undeniably awful shooting night for the entire squad:

“We had some great looks, just didn’t knock ’em down,” James said, via Mark Medina of USA TODAY Sports. “Nothing you can say about it. We’ve created a lot of great looks, just wasn’t able to make ’em fall.”

Lakers big man Anthony Davis finished with a team-high 28 points on the evening, but he too had an off shooting night, going 8-of-24 overall and 0-of-5 from distance. He pretty much echoed LeBron’s thoughts following the game:

For Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma, who himself went 1-of-5 from rainbow territory, it’s all about moving forward from this point on:

“You’ve got to erase your memory. That’s part of being confident,” Kuzma said. “If you miss 10 in a row, or you make 10 in a row, you’ve got to forget about them and keep shooting them. I like to say, ‘Just shoot until you get hot,’ and I think we have that capability.”

Lakers head coach Frank Vogel shared a similar mindset. For his part, he is adamant that their shots will start falling sooner rather than later:

“Remain patient,” Vogel said. “Trust the percentages, law of averages and continue to work with our guys on identifying the right shots and remaining calm.”

While these guys all have the right mindset, the Lakers’ 3-point shooting has been shaky all season, and it was especially bad during the eight seeding games (30.3%). Los Angeles really needs to turn things around from outside.

The Lakers will have an opportunity to bounce back on Thursday, when they take on the Blazers again in Game 2. Hopefully for them, they get their acts together for that crucial rematch. Otherwise, we might just all be looking at one of the biggest upsets in recent history.