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Magic Johnson says Pelicans did not approach Anthony Davis trade talks in good faith

Lakers, Pelicans, Magic Johnson, Anthony Davis

The trade deadline may be over, the but the Lakers trade talks regarding Anthony Davis are sticking around like a bad cold. In the latest news, Magic Johnson says that the New Orleans Pelicans did not have good faith in trade negotiations.

From the jump it seems as though a deal might not have gotten done. Per the Los Angeles Times, it seems the Lakers knew what they were in for from the start of negotiations.

“No. We knew that basically at the end of the day what happened happened. And we knew that when we first started. In terms of what happened. But hey, it is what it is.” Johnson said.

That cryptic quote divulges almost nothing. However, it does seem to point to the fact that even when the fans might have thought something was happening, both sides knew nothing was.

This entire process was very public, and several names were being thrown around. It can be hard to do a job when there are rumors flying about that your name may be involved in a trade. That is something that Johnson did not seem to worry about.

It seems the loser in all of this is Davis, who requested to be traded. New Orleans can say they tried to trade him. But if the Pelicans truly had no intention of moving the star big man, then they willingly stuck him in an awkward position.

Johnson might just be saying things to make he and his franchise look good, but with the reported prices it seems believable. This situation is a tough one for Davis.