Lakers news: Magician David Blaine meets with Los Angeles players as part of GM Rob Pelinka's 'Genius Talks' Series
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Magician David Blaine meets with Lakers players as part of GM Rob Pelinka’s ‘Genius Talks’ Series

Lakers, Rob Pelinka, David Blaine

Los Angeles Lakers GM Rob Pelinka gave his players a treat by allowing them to meet world-renowned magician David Blaine.

This is probably part of Pelinka’s strategy to help strengthen the bond between his players. It is worth noting that most of them haven’t played with each other prior to this season, so this is a good way for them to interact with each other off the court.

The Lakers are coming off two consecutive wins, highlighted by their 120-101 victory against the Charlotte Hornets on Sunday night. It is the first time since the 2010-11 season that the Purple and Gold has started with a 2-1 record.

Throughout the entire offseason, Pelinka has constantly talked about how he wants to rebuild the Lakers’ winning culture. The team has missed the playoffs for the past six years, and they are hoping to turn things around this season.

Los Angeles boasts four-time MVP LeBron James and All-NBA forward Anthony Davis to lead the way. The two superstars have also a supporting cast that can help them on both ends of the floor.

But as talented as they are, everyone on the team knows that a winning culture isn’t always about racking up victories on the court. It’s also about building great relationships with each other, creating a positive locker room atmosphere, and of course, having fun. And by participating in activities such as Pelinka’s “Genius Talks,” they are able to achieve all of those.

It’s a nice gesture that shows they’re supporting each other both on and off the court.