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Matt Barnes reveals why Magic Johnson may have left Los Angeles


The Los Angeles Lakers were in a lot of controversies last season, and one of the biggest is the sudden resignation of Magic Johnson as the team’s President of Basketball Operations.

Magic caught everyone off guard when he had that impromptu press conference during the Lakers’ final regular season game, where he announced that he was stepping down as one of the franchise’s top executives.

There have been a lot of speculations as to why Johnson walked away from the Lakers, and former NBA player Matt Barnes believe that the main reason behind it is because Magic was tired of being the team’s scapegoat.

Right from the beginning of this season, Johnson was already having issues with some of the Lakers’ decisions. There were reports that he wanted Luke Walton to be replaced as early as November last year, but team owner Jeanie Buss didn’t allow him to do so.

During his press conference back in April, Johnson cited that one of the reasons why he decided to leave his post is because of the constant backstabbing from within the organization. A few weeks later, there was a report wherein Buss and Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka had an email exchange wherein they talked about Magic, and that they didn’t know that he was reading their conversation.

Johnson is one of the main reasons why LeBron James signed with the Lakers last summer, and the four-time MVP himself admitted that he felt betrayed when Magic resigned without informing him. Still, LeBron has continued to show support for the franchise despite everything that happened last season.

Magic stated on multiple occasions that he will help the Lakers recruit free agents, even if he’s no longer working for the franchise. His relationship with Buss also looks fine despite everything.

As of now, Johnson is enjoying the NBA playoffs, as most people have already seen in his Twitter posts.