Lakers news: Rajon Rondo gives his take on “Playoff Rondo” phenomenon
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Rajon Rondo gives his take on ‘Playoff Rondo’ phenomenon

rajon rondo

Is the “Playoff Rondo” phenomenon real? Or is it a myth? Rajon Rondo of the Los Angeles Lakers himself shared his opinion on the matter.

Mike Trudell, via, discovered that the Playoff Rondo phenomenon is just a myth. Based on Rondo’s per 36 minutes stats, he wasn’t actually putting up impressive numbers as fans and the media claimed. Rondo himself agreed, noting that he probably got the nickname because people actually see him on TV during the playoffs. Thus, it created some sort of publicity:

“I feel that way. If given an opportunity, knowing I’ll play 36 minutes a night, I can perform at a high level. Spotty or inconsistent minutes, which have been the case in the past, then the numbers fluctuate. The people that came up with this “Playoff Rondo” name or title or whatever they may call it, obviously (it’s because) I’ve been on TV during the playoffs.”

The 32-year-old guard added that he also had some good regular season games that were televised over the past few years. And this year, he’ll be on TV more often.

“In the regular season last year, I had some good games. It got a little bit of publicity, but I think I’ve had six (regular season) TV games over the last two years between Chicago and New Orleans. I’ll have more televised games this year than the last two or three years combined.”

Being that Rondo is set to get more airtime this coming season, will the Playoff Rondo myth finally come into fruition?