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Lakers star Russell Westbrook fires back at question about turnovers

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Los Angeles Lakers star Russell Westbrook is one of the most scrutinized players in the NBA. One weakness in Westbrook game has been his turnovers, something he was questioned for once again by a reporter following Tuesday’s loss to the New York Knicks. Westbrook, clearly annoyed at the question, fired back with another vintage media moment.

Russell Westbrook was not interested in having that conversation following another tough Lakers loss. The Lakers star’s dripping sarcasm could be seen throughout the locker room following that question. Westbrook did have six turnovers, but in reality, those are small potatoes compared to his 31-point triple-double.

It’s certainly fair for Lakers fans and reporters to criticize Westbrook for his turnovers, but on the flip side, he needs to also be given credit for positive stretches like the four games heading into Tuesday’s tilt, a span of contests that saw him commit just 12 giveaways.

While it’s true that Westbrook sort of dug the Lakers the hole himself, he also was instrumental in getting them back in the game, as noted by teammate Anthony Davis.

Westbrook, who plays with the anger of a man whose lunch was stolen, is one of the NBA’s most passionate players. It’s that passion on the court and 100-MPH energy that makes him equally exciting and frustrating.

Speaking of frustrating, the Lakers are a tough team to watch at the moment. However, it’s not the first time a LeBron James-led team filled with stars has started slow out of the gate.

Once the Lakers, and Russell Westbrook, are firing on all cylinders, they’ll be a tough NBA squad to take down.