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Shaquille O’Neal says his L.A. team would ‘easily’ defeat the Warriors


There are some who believe that the current Golden State Warriors group is the best team ever assembled in the history of the league. One such man who disagrees with this notion is Los Angeles Lakers legend Shaquille O’Neal. In his mind, the Hall of Famer believes that his former Lakers team would make easy work of the current, back-to-back defending champions.

“I think we’d easily win,” O’Neal told Scott Gleeson of USA TODAY Sports by phone when asked which team was better. “Other people might feel different, they (the Warriors) might feel different. But we had one of the best teams of all-time in 2001 when we went 15-1 in the playoffs. We would’ve gone 16-0 but A.I. (Hall of famer Allen Iverson) went off on us and stepped over (former Laker) Ty Lue.”

That’s a pretty huge claim, and even the staunchest of Lakers supporter may not agree one hundred percent with O’Neal here.

It is undeniable that Shaq, along with fellow Lakers great Kobe Bryant, led one of the greatest teams in franchise history in the early 2000’s when they won three straight NBA titles. Many believe that they could have won more, had the duo been able to put their personal differences aside. However, to say that they would have easily bulldozed their way past the powerhouse that is the Dubs would be a bit contentious, at best.

Kevin Durant and co. might have a thing or two to say about this, so we will be sure to pass along any new developments to this story as they come.