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The Russell Westbrook ‘bump’ in one key area Lakers want next season

Lakers, Russell Westbrook

If there is one thing clear about Russell Westbrook’s situation, it’s the fact that the Los Angeles Lakers expect him to play better and buy into the system should he stay with the team.

According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, the Lakers are hoping to see Westbrook improve his efficiency when it comes to scoring, particularly in his corner 3-point shooting.

While he made 50 percent of his shots from the left corner three in 2021-22, Westbrook wasn’t as good on the opposite end with just a 33.3 percent clip on the right corner three. He also didn’t attempt a lot of shots from those areas, which he certainly could have done more given that the attention of the defense was on LeBron James and Anthony Davis (when healthy).

Westbrook shot 29.3 percent from three overall in the past campaign, so it’s easy to see where the Lakers are coming from. If they want any shot at competing for a title, they will need Russ to be a threat from all over the floor and not just when he’s attacking the rim.

It is still unknown what will happen to Russell Westbrook, though. As mentioned, he has been the subject of trade rumors in recent weeks, especially amid the Lakers’ chase for Kyrie Irving. But as reported earlier, time is ticking for the Purple and Gold as they would want to move him before training camp starts in late September.

Whatever the case may be, it does appear the Lakers are prepared to run it back with Westbrook if they need to.