Veteran forward Trevor Ariza is excited for his second stint with the Los Angeles Lakers. He had somewhat of a bitter exit with the team after they couldn't come to terms with an extension deal following the Lakers' 2009 title run.

Ariza was highly integral in that Lakers championship, providing ample support to Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, and Lamar Odom. But he was forced to leave, signing with the Houston Rockets instead. Curiously, his replacement was a former player of the Rockets in Ron Artest, who later changed his name to Metta World Peace.

MWP proved to be a genius pickup as he helped the Lakers win a second straight title. Ariza could've easily won a second ring, but fate wouldn't have it. Still, he never harbored any ill feelings, especially towards World Peace (via Lakers Nation).

“I’m not somebody who hates on nobody. I’m happy for people when they’re doing well. I got an opportunity to do something that a lot of people don’t get to do, so being upset or hating on somebody else for doing some great is not in my character. That’s not even the person that I am, so hell no to answer your question.”

The 36-year-old Ariza added he's actually happy for the controversial World Peace.

“I was happy for Ron (Artest) actually because he was a person that been through a whole lot in his life and his career. For him to come in and be inserted and was seamless, I was happy for him.”

Now, Trevor Ariza has a golden chance to get his second ring with the Lakers.