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Trolls who want Lakers’ Kyle Kuzma to suit up for Shanghai Sharks receive some bad news

Kyle Kuzma, Lakers, Shanghai Sharks, China

Trolling NBA players have been so easy for social media, but a piece of news from China could be key in taking away at least one of the trolls’ favorite references when bugging Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma on the internet.  According to Emiliano Carchia of Sportando, at least 15 teams in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) have expressed their intent to temporarily disallow foreign players from playing in the league. Among those ball clubs are the Shanghai Sharks, perhaps the CBA team most linked to Kuzma.

15 Chinese CBA teams out of 20 released a joint statement saying that they are in support of playing next season in home-away format, without foreign players. The other 5 clubs: Beijing Ducks/Qingdao/Guangzhou/Fujian/Ningbo are in favor of playing with foreigners. No decision yet

Of course, Kyle Kuzma is not going anywhere outside the country. His current contract with the Lakers won’t expire until the end of the 2020-21 NBA season before the three-year extension he inked with the team back in December 2020 will kick in.

Kuzma got the ire of many Lakers fans for his atrocious play in the 2021 NBA Playoffs. The Lakers were not able to survive the first round of the postseason against the Phoenix Suns, who eliminated Los Angeles in six games. During that stretch, Kuzma averaged eye-sore numbers of 6.3 points on 29.2 FG%, hence the internet calling for his exile to China.

Whatever decision the CBA will come up with, expect people to have fun at the expense of Kuzma whenever he plays poorly because internet.