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Video: Lakers win but crowd boos for not getting free tacos

Luke Walton, Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, Lonzo Ball, Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers have traditionally been known as a crowd pleaser, but they were the opposite of that reputation Wednesday night against the Detroit Pistons.

With the game already decided, all that’s left to satisfy was the crowd’s craving for free tacos. The Lakers had one last chance to accomplish that for their fans as the Pistons got the final possession with seven ticks remaining on the clock.

In a rare and weird scene, the final seconds of a 15-point game turned into something similar to a one-possession affair — all for the love of tacos.

Sadly, the home team failed to deliver as they couldn’t stop the Pistons from reaching the century mark.

It’s not something that one team gameplans for but don’t be surprised if Luke Walton and his staff come up with a defensive set called “tacos” in the future. Imagine how sweet it would be if the Lakers’ season eventually depended on one play in a do-or-die game with them needing one final stop. It’d be time to tacos.

Despite the loss [for the fans’ appetite], the Lakers took home the victory 113-100. This game won’t be remembered best for tacos, though, as Kyle Kuzma played out of his mind en route to a career-high 41 points — all in three-quarters of play.