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Lakers guard Lonzo Ball’s brother, LaMelo, hits contested halfcourt shot in high school game

LaMelo Ball

LaMelo Ball, brother of Los Angeles Lakers guard Lonzo Ball and son of LaVar Ball, hit a half-court shot in a high school game with ease.

The Ball brothers are best known for their run and gun offense at Chino Hills high school. They were able to simply cherry pick every single playing and force tough shots off the dribble every single game. The father was the de facto coach and taught his sons everything he knew about basketball.

And maybe it was LaVar that taught LaMelo this shot:

LaMelo has been a part of many discussions surrounding his eligibility for playing basketball on the collegiate level.

Ball has played overseas in Europe and has returned back to the states. He’s now playing basketball as a senior in high school.

The question is, is he actually collegiately eligible after playing “professionally” overseas? Most experts believe he isn’t, but that won’t stop his father from lawyering up and taking on the NCAA in court.

Ball’s brother Lonzo is a very successful player for the Los Angeles Lakers. He’s their starting point guard alongside LeBron James and company. He has an excellent passing vision and elite defense at the point guard position.

Even though he should be a little bit more aggressive, Lonzo is a key contributor to the Lakers.