Popeyes fried chicken sandwiches, pizza, hot dogs, fries, ice cream sundaes. These are things millions of people eat. They are also things LeBron James has said no to millions of times. Oh, baby, let’s get kicking on the LeBron James diet!

Just imagine what he’d look like if he chased calories as hard as he chased rings.

If you follow LeBron James on Instagram, you probably think you have a good idea of at least one item that makes up his diet. And, no. It’s not just tacos.

But as delicious as they are, no one is surviving just off tacos. At least no one who looks as good as James or is athletic as him. Me? Yeah, I can survive off tacos.

So what is LeBron eating on every day other than Tuesday?

All athletes’ eating habits are constantly under scrutiny. Whether they eat like Michael Phelps or they’re sticking to a strict diet with no carbs or sugar in sight, the public is always interested to see what elite athletes are eating, or not eating, to stay in insane shape.

LeBron James strikes a balance between a Phelps-ian smorgasbord and a health nut’s ideal meal plan.

As your mom always used to tell you, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And LeBron ALMOST always listens to his mom.

James usually starts his day with a meal full of protein and fruit. Breakfast consists of egg white omelets, berries and yogurt, and possibly some gluten-free pancakes. That sounds… not terrible. Who doesn’t like pancakes?

A lighter option is a simple whole-wheat bagel with a touch of peanut butter. This gives James some energy for morning shootaround without weighing him down.

On to the first of many snacks. LeBron packs on more fruit, and a rare artificial element: protein powder. Yogurt, apples, and almond butter are also common.

Lakers, LeBron James, Taco Tuesday

Before his game starts, Bron focuses on low-fat proteins and more carbs (sensing a pattern here). Veggies, whole-wheat pasta, and chicken breast are staples. But this isn’t enough to power him through an entire game. He needs refueling at half-time.

Basically, like a sports car, even LeBron James can only perform at a high level for so long before he needs a trip to the gas station. Unlike a sports car, though, Bron Bron doesn’t need literal gas. He needs yummies for his tummy.

He can’t just eat or drink anything at half. We’ve seen what happens when guys get lax with that rule (photo of JR Smith drinking Hennessy in the locker room, forgetting the score in Finals). LeBron skips the Henny, and opts for either the NBA favorite PB and J or some more fruit.

It appears, if we’re being honest, LeBron James loves his fruit.

When the game is over, James usually unwinds with a protein shake. If he wants to continue the healthy trend, it’s more chicken breast, broccoli, or possibly a salad. But when James wants to treat himself, he can really cut loose.

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It’s time for the healthy stuff to go out the window. Dinner can be filet mignon and lobster tail, or some chicken Parmesan. Perhaps James heads over to Blaze Pizza, which he has invested in, and enjoys one of the 16 topping pizzas he loves.

Maybe he keeps it simple and downs a bowl of his favorite cereal, Fruity Pebbles. I’m a Count Chocula guy myself but to each his own. LeBron loves his Fruity Pebbles so much he designed a sneaker inspired by the sugary treat.

But one thing is a James nightcap necessity: A glass of wine. He might not be the Laker nicknamed “Vino” but it’s a good bet he’s the Laker who drinks the most of it. Bron’s Instagram is filled with pictures of wine, accompanied by the caption #VinoChronicles.

So while the all-time great may eat enough times a day to make a hobbit blush, he keeps a pretty clean diet. In fact, he once went over 9 weeks without eating sugar, dairy, or carbs to cut weight in the offseason.

LeBron is almost always in peak physical condition. When you couple his workout routine with his diet, there’s no reason to believe he’ll do anything other than remain playing basketball at a significantly high level. And when that eventually ends, he’ll look good for his post-NBA life.

Do you think you can eat the LeBron James diet?