The NBA season is hours from its opener, yet the Kevin Durant rumors are still in full swing. Tim Bontemps of The Washington Post recently speculated on the two-time Finals MVP's future destination, noting he could only see Durant bolting for the New York Knicks, the L.A. Clippers, or staying with the Golden State Warriors next season.

“If today was July 1, I think Durant would leave,” said Bontemps during an ask-me-anything session on Reddit. “I think it’s most likely he signs with the Knicks, and if not the Knicks I could see he and Kawhi Leonard teaming up with the Clippers. I would be surprised if he was with anyone but the Knicks, Clippers or Warriors next season, though. And I also won’t be surprised if he changes his mind plenty of times between now and when he makes that decision.”

The hardest-charging question is what does Durant want? As no one has been able to decipher his needs or desires after gobbling two championships in his two years with the Warriors.

Kevin Durant has been enjoying himself in this new environment and been a catalyst in his team's wins and ultimately both title runs — but if the desire to win hardware has evaporated and the need for proving his doubters wrong has taken precedent, it could spell the end of his run in the Bay Area.

Some believe this uncertainty has to do with the three straight one-and-one deals, while others think it's just a plot to make the most dominant team implode. Ultimately, we're still a full season away from knowing his real intentions, but there will likely be a million theories along with Bontemps' on his potential destination.

Only time will tell where Kevin Durant ends up.