Magic Johnson doesn't agree with his old teammate Mychal Thompson, that the Golden State Warriors would beat the Showtime Lakers.

Cross-era comparisons are always a mess. Too many variables to consider, so the most realistic way to compare teams is to check how they fared against their own peers during their own eras.

The Warriors had a record-setting 73-9 regular season and are on track for a second consecutive championship if they win just two more games against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Showtime Lakers also won back-to-back championships but dominated for half of the decade.

Magic's Showtime Lakers had five championships in nine finals appearances, and won three MVP awards. It's difficult to say who is better because that history is set in stone, and the Warriors while having only one championship are not only just getting started, but their history is far from set.

In the Game 2 postgame press conference, Draymond Green probably said it best.

“How can you say that when we can never play them?”

Magic will never agree with anyone saying they are better because they are winning now, and that's just part of his competitive nature. It'll take that same competitive nature for the Warriors to win more titles and keep the debate going, starting with the next two games.

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