The Kansas Jayhawks are heading to the National Championship game! One of the favorites to win it all during March Madness, Bill Self’s squad knocked out the Villanova Wildcats in the semi-final round to advance to the final game. The Jayhawks have looked unstoppable in the last few games.

Because of that, famed NBA analyst Charles Barkley brought out his infamous “guarantee” for Kansas in the March Madness tournament. After their win over Villanova, Barkley guaranteed that the Jayhawks would win in the Finals, whether they faced Duke or UNC for the National Championship. (via Awful Announcing)

“Let me tell you something. Not only are they gonna play for the national championship Monday, they are going to win the national championship Monday… Yeah, you know what? I’ve seen enough. I’ve seen enough. I think they’re gonna be tough for anybody to beat. I think they’re going to win.”

Bold words from the Chuckster. Barkley’s reasoning for picking Kansas to come out victorious during March Madness was because of their play against the Wildcats.

“Because let me tell you something: other than (David) McCormack and (Ochai) Agbaji, the other guys didn’t play well. Remy (Martin) did not have a good game. (Christian) Braun did not have a good game.”

While these are obviously encouraging words for the Jayhawks, Barkley’s guarantees have gained notoriety over the last few years. It’s not because he’s a god at predictions, but rather, the opposite: Barkley’s predictions have almost always flopped. It got so bad that it became a ‘curse’ for NBA teams. Chuck’s March Madness guarantee could bite the Jayhawks in the future.

However, the Jayhawks have proven throughout March Madness that they’re built different. While their fellow number one seeds have fallen over the last few weeks, Kansas has stood tall and beat their opponents like they should have. It all culminated in a methodical destruction of the perennial favorites Villanova.

Can the Jayhawks overcome Chuck’s cursed “guarantee” and win it all? Or will they succumb to the curse like their professional brethren? We have just under twenty-four hours until an March Madness campaign finishes up.