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Mark Jackson doesn’t believe that Lonzo Ball will be better than Magic Johnson

lonzo ball

Through the first several games of the Las Vegas Summer League, Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball has received a flood of praise toward what he could potentially become in the NBA.

However, Mark Jackson, who is the former Golden State Warriors head coach and NBA player, wants to temper those expectations, especially the talk of him being possibly better than Hall of Famer Magic Johnson.

Jackson does have a strong point as Johnson is regarded as the best point guard and one of the best players of all time. He led the Lakers to nine NBA Finals while winning five NBA titles and three MVP awards. He is also widely regarded as the best passer that the league has ever seen.

That said, this isn’t a slight in any way toward Ball’s ability on the floor. He has shown to be quite a gifted passer that has a unique court vision that is a rarity in the league. Ball has continued to put that on display with each passing game in the Summer League.

If he’s already receiving comparison to Johnson shows what how much potential he has to develop into a superstar in the league and change the fate of the Lakers’ future. Ultimately, only time will tell if he can reach any of those expectations laid out before him ahead of his rookie campaign.