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Markieff Morris thinks Scott Brooks’ coaching style as ‘militaristic’

Scott Brooks, Wizards

New Washington Wizards head coach Scott Brooks has a reputation around the league for being a player friendly coach. One that likes to establish relationships with his players beyond what happens on the court.

Coaches like that are usually well liked and being a former player himself, he can understand the game from a players perspective.

Brooks does demand respect from his team, and he’s wasting no time letting his new team know what type of things they’re going to have to get used to.

According to CSN, forward Markieff Morris says he sees Brooks’ style as very “militaristic.”

Guard Jarell Eddie, who played just 26 games for the Wizards last season, agrees with Morris.

“He likes structure. He likes every detail to be exactly how he wants it. He lets it be known. It is a lot more, ‘This is how we’re going to do things and if you’re not going to do things like that then you better learn how to do it like that.’ That’s the feel I get.”

That is a far stretch from what we saw in Oklahoma City, where Brooks allowed Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant to essentially play two-on-five basketball as much as it pleased them.

According to Brooks, he wants to be tough with his team when he needs to be, but doesn’t want to come off as a coach that’s too demanding or too controlling.

“Militaristic? I don’t think I’ve ever been known as that. The game is easy if you do it the right way and you play with a great effort and you play together as a team. When you don’t do that, when there’s hidden agendas when there’s other things you have to navigate through, that’s when it becomes difficult and not every fun to be around.”

Brooks has a balance to strike with the team because his players are already reading him differently than he believes he really is.

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