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Jason Kidd says 2011 Dallas team was like ‘The Bad News Bears’

Fresh off of his Hall of Fame induction, former Dallas Mavericks point guard Jason Kidd has recently come out with his own write-up for The Player’s Tribune. The 45-year-old covers a number of noteworthy subjects in his essay, but one that stood out was his narrative on the 2011 Mavs, which he labelled as “The Bad News Bears.”

Kidd is referencing a 1976 sports film that features a little league team composed by a bunch of misfits. It is a typical tale of the underdog prevailing in the end against all odds. To Kidd, this is exactly the makings of the 2011 Mavs side which lifted the NBA title against the heavily-favored Miami Heat and their Big 3.

“The 2011 Mavs, we were tough as nails,” Kidd writes. “A ragtag group. Sometimes I call that team the NBA version of The Bad News Bears. We had Jason Terry, aka Benjamin Button. We had Tyson Chandler and Peja, and backing me up at point we had J.J Barea. We had Shawn Marion. We had a guy named Brian Cardinal, who we called ‘the Custodian.’ He was a grinder. We just had a lot of veterans. I loved that group because we hustled. We enjoyed playing.”

Much like the Bad News Bears, the Mavs were also heavy underdogs entering the 2011 NBA Finals.

“Nobody picked us to win the title that year,” continues Kidd. “The Heat had LeBron, D-Wade, Chris Bosh — that first year together as the Big 3. We had the Bad News Bears. But that’s the thing, right? They had all the talent in the world, but they needed one more season to really get it going.”

The 2011 Mavs are widely regarded as the last non-super team to have won a title. It was truly a Cinderella story for the ages; one worthy of its own feature film one day.