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Mark Cuban says under 50 percent chance Dirk Nowitzki plays past this season

Mark Cuban

The Dallas Mavericks are about to have a bit of a change the next few seasons. Once Dirk Nowitzki retires it’s going to change from Nowtizki’s team to one of the other young guy’s teams like Dennis Smith Jr. or Luka Doncic.

There has been a lot of talk of maybe Doncic being that guy, being an international player, and a chance to be the next star for the Mavericks. The Mavs had said they don’t want to compare the two, because they don’t want to put that type of pressure on the rookie, at least not yet.

The big question seems to be exactly when will Nowitzki’s last season be. Mark Cuban was appearing on Sirius XM was asked about how much longer he would be on the court.

Cuban said that right now it seems to be under a 50 percent chance that he plays beyond this year, but he hinted that much of the decision might have to do with how well the Mavericks are playing.

The team finally seems to have a nice young core, and they should be much improved this season if the team can stay healthy. If Dirk sees a big improvement, even if that doesn’t mean making the playoffs, maybe that will be enough to get the German big man to come back for another year. Nowitzki is already retired from the German national team, so his focus is just on the Mavericks at this point of his career. As this upcoming season goes on look for the picture to be more clear about his future.