Mavs news: Mark Cuban sees no problem with increasing player empowerment in the NBA
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Mavs’ Mark Cuban sees no problem with increasing player empowerment in the NBA

Mark Cuban

It is absolutely no secret that the NBA is the most progressive professional sports league in North America these days. With the league rising rapidly in popularity, the NBA continues to skyrocket in the right direction, which is perhaps why Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has no problem with the league increasing player empowerment going forward. And the Mavs owner had plenty to say about it:

“Unlike every other professional sports league, we’re a talent-driven league,” Cuban said, via CBS Sports. “We get the benefits of that. Our guys have the biggest social media following, our guys have the biggest social impact when there’s issues around the country, around the world. Guys have made the effort to develop those followings, and to build themselves as brands, and the NBA is the only professional sport that has really benefited from that, and the trade-off from that is the talent has more power, and in reality that’s just real world … I don’t have a problem with it.”

Of course, Cuban is one of the most outspoken figures in all of professional sports let alone the NBA, and he has been since he joined the Mavs.

While advocating for player empowerment hardly comes as a surprise due to this notion, Cuban obviously understands exactly why the league continues to thrive — because of the players.

“I think this summer, it really benefited the NBA,” Cuban added in regards to players joining forces, via CBS Sports. “We went from the Warriors being a dynasty to being wide open. The best way to judge that is from our ticket sales. Last year, there were two teams that never played to an empty seat: whatever team LeBron [James] was on or playing, and the Warriors don’t play to an empty seat anywhere in the league.”

With the NBA popularity at an all-time high, the 2019-20 campaign is sure to be one for the ages.