Ronnie Bell was a fan favorite with Michigan football while he was in Ann Arbor. He had quite the up and down career with the Wolverines, and was always a great player on the field, and a terrific person off the field. In 2019, he dropped a crucial fourth down touchdown in a game against Penn State football, and it was crushing for him. He bounced back, however, and was set to be a top receiver for Michigan in 2021 after the short 2020 covid season. He had a big first half in the season opener, and then tore his ACL in the second half to end his season. It was heartbreaking. Bell once again bounced back, and finished out his career with the Wolverines in a Big Ten championship winning season.

Now, Ronnie Bell is in the NFL and just made the final roster for the San Francisco 49ers. He is no longer with Michigan football, but his legacy is now living on through his younger brother, Kendrick Bell, who is now a freshman on the team. Kendrick came to Michigan as a quarterback, but he is now turning heads after changing to wide receiver, the position his brother played.

He’s a freak athlete,” Michigan wide receivers coach Ron Bellamy said according to an article from “He has some of the same qualities that Ronnie does. You watch him, he was a state champ long jumper, and state champ high jumper once he averaged like 50 points a game in basketball.”

Kendrick Bell's athleticism has clearly helped him out in many different sports, so it seems likely that it will help him adjust to his new position in football as well.

“It’s just a matter of him just learning the position,” Bellamy continued. “He’s been a quarterback primarily his entire life, so just learning a position, and you could tell that he has a bright future if he does want to stick a receiver. And obviously, we’ve welcomed him with open arms, and he’s done some exciting things like, ‘Oh! Alright, he’s a Bell.’”

If Kendrick is anything like his brother, he's going to have a special career with Michigan.