Sherrone Moore is the head coach of the Michigan football team, and his first season leading the Wolverines is almost here. Last year, Moore was the offensive coordinator, and Jim Harbaugh was the head coach. Moore was an integral part of the Wolverines' national championship run as he had a good year calling plays for Michigan. He also was the acting head coach for four different games while Harbaugh was suspended. He had a lot of important duties during the season.

Michigan football won a national championship last year, and that means that there were a lot of crucial plays throughout the season. The Wolverines had some season-defining possessions, and Sherrone Moore was calling the plays. When the pressure was on, he delivered.

Moore recently did an interview with Fox Sports college football analyst Joel Klatt, and he was asked about his favorite play calls from last season. Both plays were from the Rose Bowl game when Michigan knocked out Alabama and advanced to the national championship.

“Probably the play action on the goal in the low red zone to Roman [Wilson] to tie the game up [in the Rose Bowl] in regulation,” Moore said. “That was probably my favorite.”

The Wolverines had a fourth down on that drive with their season on the line. Moore delivered on that play, and he delivered later in the drive to help get his team into the end zone.

Blake Corum was involved in another huge play

Michigan running back Blake Corum celebrates a touchdown against Alabama during the first half of the Rose Bowl

Sherrone Moore also discussed his second favorite play call, and it was in the Rose Bowl as well. It was earlier in the game, and it was a rare receiving touchdown for Blake Corum.

“My second favorite would be the first touchdown [in the Rose Bowl] to Blake [Corum], the mesh where we threw it out of the backfield to him because that's something that the whole team knew was gonna get called at that moment, at that time,” Moore said. “We talked about like, if the ball gets inside the 10, it's coming, you can call it, like JJ [McCarthy] you can call it. He looked at me – we ran an end around to Semaj [Morgan] on the left hash and got to the right hash and got inside the nine. JJ looked at me like… I was like ‘yeah, got it'. Everybody knew.”

That was a huge play during a huge drive in that game. Michigan football had an early turnover that led to an Alabama touchdown, and the Wolverines needed to respond. They did just that.

Sherrone Moore had a lot of important play calls last year, and they worked in the biggest moments. Now, he is the head coach of the Michigan football team.