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MiHoYo sues seven Genshin Impact leakers for about $80,000 each

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If the game Genshin Impact has the Vision Hunt Decree in Inazuma, then miHoYo itself has what fans describe as the “Leaker Hunt Decree,” following lawsuits coming from miHoYo sent towards Genshin Impact leakers, including ones worth about $78,000 directed towards seven prominent Genshin Impact leakers.

In September, the Genshin Impact developers sued Chinese social media platform Bilibili in an effort to pressure them to give miHoYo user information regarding those behind the Genshin Impact leaks.

Now, two months later, miHoYo is suing seven different Genshin Impact leakers, asking for damages amounting to 500,000 yuan (~$78,000), an amount equivalent to fines given to Chinese state spies. User Not Tangzhu shares a Bilibili post showing the court order, which included references to the leakers’ Genshin Impact UIDs.

The leakers also appear to not have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), a standard document signed by those joining miHoYo’s Genshin Impact beta servers. Access to the beta servers is only given to select people who sign NDAs. However, the only people who could possibly gain access to the data being leaked are beta players – unless the leakers actually hacked into the game and datamined the game’s files.

If the leakers (dubbed by the community as Leaker Archons thanks to there being seven of them) were really hacking into the games’ files and datamining for information, then miHoYo does have a legal basis for suing them, most likely for copyright violations.

With these lawsuits, it’s obvious what miHoYo thinks about these Genshin Impact leakers. Still, most of the community is rallying behind them, wanting to know ahead of time what the developers have in store for the game. To try to combat this issue, miHoYo has been revealing new information way ahead of time, “leaking” them even way before their release.