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Minecraft: Bedrock Edition DLC adds Sonic and Sonic levels in the game

Minecraft Sonic DLC

Another licensed crossover DLC has arrived on Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. This time, Sonic the Hedgehog crossovers with Minecraft. A $7.99 DLC pack gives players access to 25 different skins you can use in any world. These skins include Sonic the Hedgehog himself, Shadow, Tails, and many others. It also gives access to Sonic recreated levels, including the Green Hill Zone as well as Chao Garden. You can get the Sonic x Minecraft DLC from Minecraft‘s marketplace.

The Sonic-themed levels will also have enemies, boost pads, and rings to collect. Don’t think that this pack will just give you scenery that vaguely looks like a Sonic level. These worlds are actually functional – to a degree. At least to the best that the game’s engine could allow a Sonic the Hedgehog level to operate in-game.

This won’t be the first time that a third-party IP enters the world of Minecraft. The team that brought this gem also made the content for the How To Train Your Dragon and Pac-Man crossovers from before. There have also been Jurassic World and Star Wars collaborations before. Apart from licensed content, there are also loads of original content that players can delve into Minecraft‘s marketplace.