In a bid to further speed up the game, a proposal has been made to reduce the pitch clock. The MLB competition committee is now reviewing the potential change, which could be implemented in the 2024 season.

Not everything will change, though. According to reports, the proposal highlights a two-second reduction to the pitch clock with runners on base. If approved, the previous 20-second pitch clock with runners on base would decrease to 18 seconds. The proposal, however, doesn’t intend to tweak the 15-second clock without runners on base, per Jeff Passan of ESPN.

The proposal comes after the MLB saw a seven-minute increase in the average game time late in the 2023 season, that is even after the pitch clock was implemented for the first time in the said campaign.

While it’s unknown when the MLB competition committee will make a decision about the proposal, it is important to note that they need to notify players at least 45 days before a new rule is implemented.

For now, however, it seems all those involved in the decision-making process still have several things to discuss. For one, Passan reported that players have some concerns about the potential reduction of the pitch clock.

“Players have voiced concerns regarding the reduction of the clock, sources said, pointing to the spate of pitching injuries that hindered the sport in 2023,” Passan explained. “MLB has pushed back on the idea that sped-up pace of game caused the injuries, and because teams hold a majority of seats on the committee — which was formed during negotiations on the collective bargaining agreement signed in 2022 — the league essentially has carte blanche on rules changes.”

There could still be potential adjustments in the proposal as the MLB competition committee look to find the right balance in speeding up the game and protecting its overall quality. Once the MLB finds a resolution, though, the new rule could be seen when spring training games start in February 2024.