Juan Soto trade rumors have been running rampant all offseason as the San Diego Padres may try a different strategy moving forward. As a result, it sounds like the franchise knows exactly what it wants in return if they were to trade him to the New York Yankees.

The Padres are rumored to be asking for quite a haul involving top players and prospects in return for Juan Soto, according to Andy Martino of SNY. They're clearly hoping to acquire the biggest haul possible.

“San Diego was asking for pitcher Michael King, pitching prospect Drew Thorpe, and as many as four or five other prospects like Randy Vasquez and Jhony Brito. San Diego was also interested in salary relief not just for Soto but for center fielder Trent Grisham, sources say.”

Considering Juan Soto is one of the best hitters in baseball right now, it makes sense for San Diego to ask for the moon and the farm. But for now, it's unclear whether or not the Yankees are down to give up that many players for the superstar outfielder.

Reports indicate that trade talks between the Padres and Yankees have stalled. Mainly because both teams are far apart on an agreement.

“Momentum between the Yankees and San Diego Padres about a blockbuster Juan Soto trade has stalled, at least for now, after the sides found themselves far apart on Thursday and Friday.”

Maybe trade talks will pick up steam in the coming months. The Yankees are trying their best to get back to the top of the league while the Padres have a chance to completely revamp its roster. Either way, all eyes are on Juan Soto this offseason.