The newest League of Legends skin line is Monster Tamer, the set of three definitely-not-inspired-by-Pokemon skins for Kog'Maw, Lulu, and Veigar.

These skins are now available with League of Legends Patch 12.15.

Zap'Maw – 1350 RP

The Zap'Maw is a curious monster that baffles even the most experienced of Tamers. Sightings are limited to abandoned ruins that only the bravest dare enter. But taming one is an even more challening task. Only one Tamer has succeeded so far, their bond—and the Zap'Maw's lightning attacks—growing stronger each day.

Zap'Maw's most noticeable change is the drastic departure from his classic color scheme. Purple and orange are prominent in this skin, with bright-colored accents. Zap'Maw shares this splash art with his enchanter support (and tamer) Lulu. The “lightning attacks” referred to in the flavor text carries over with the shape of his three horns.

In-game, Zap'Maw's orange fur and electric purple accents are much more visible when he's facing up. In any other angle, his horns and tail are the most eye-catching parts. Even his tongue is shaped like a lightning bolt!

His normal attacks are yellow bolts, and when empowered by W these grow thicker and are instead shot out in an arc. Q and E both shoot out a lightning sphere, with E leaving a trail of purple with multi-colored “gems” in it. The ultimate looks like a lightning strike from above, leaving behind purple and yellow particles in its wake.

Pre-release cycle update:

  • Name of the skin was changed to Zap'Maw from Monster Tamer Kog'Maw

Monster Tamer Lulu – 1350 RP

Though she's new to the scene, Lulu exemplifies what it means to be a Tamer. She's studied the CORE (Compact Object for Relay and Engagement) manual front to back. She's even used it in the field a few times! Her latest discovery: Zap'Maw, a creature as dangerous as it is adorable.

Monster Tamer Lulu is all dressed up in her yellow winter coat with a severely oversized zipper handle. She wields the “CORE,” which looks like it's electrically charged, matching her partner Zap'Maw's elemental affinity. Lulu herself is wearing a pair of black and yellow headphones with a matching cap that covers most of her purple hair.

Pix also looks different, this time it's a furry orange ball, and looks like a miniature version of Zap'Maw.

Monster Tamer Lulu in-game is bright yellow thanks to her horns and jacket, with traces of purple from her hair. Her normal attacks are yellow, while the ones coming from Pix are orange. The Q projectiles are orange bolts with purple trails, looking identical to Zap'Maw's normal attacks. When enemies become Polymorphed, they turn into a sad blue blob. Speeding up herself or her allies causes a electric blue comet-like effect to appear. The shield has electric bolt emblems going around it, which flicker out as the shield's duration runs out. The ultimate's aura effect is reminiscent of a circuit board, and enemies are knocked up by a pedestal.

Pre-release cycle update:

  • Hexagonal pattern on the shield now stays for entire duration

Monster Tamer Veigar – 1350 RP

Veigar has big plans. BIG. First, he'll amass an army of monsters, preferably from the darkest, scariest corners of the land. Then he'll use the CORE to create a bond with said monsters and amplify their power. Then he'll take over the world!! Hmm… he might have missed a step.

Monster Tamer Veigar departs from the orange that Kog'Maw and Lulu had, and instead capitalizes on the purple side. It doesn't mean that they're completely detached though, as Pix in the bottom right can be seen begging for its life.  His eyes and those of the owls that surround him glow purple. Veigar wears a clown mask and has his purple hair sticking out. He wields a wand similar to Lulu's, but his looks a little more… evil.

He also seems to be in the middle of his E, with four owls (not counting the one on his staff) looming over Veigar's “prey.”

In-game, Monster Tamer Veigar's skull face and that of his owl friend can be clearly seen, expect if he's facing upward, in which case you'll see nothing but his hood and some of his hair. His normal attacks are simple purple bolts. His Q, however, is a haunting smiley face projectile, but it's barely visible unless you freeze-frame the game or know what you're looking for. His W drops a huge owl from the air, which fizzles out quickly. The cage from Veigar's E has an owl on top of each pillar and each is connected by a purple mist. The ultimate shoots out a big owl friend, which, if you haven't noticed yet, seems to be the theme for this skin.

Pre-release update:

  • Textures on his legs should now be more readable
  • Basic attacks should be more visible
  • Subtle movements were added for bird companion to make it more natural.

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