Still looking for all the free MW3 Zombies Perks to make yourself and undead killing machine? We've created a guide of all perks in MW3 Zombies, what they do, and where to find them. For those who never played Zombies before, Perks essentially act as extra abilities to give yourself the edge in Zombies. Overall, they serve all sorts of functions, like fast reloads, extra health, or quicker revives. Therefore, we hope this list helps you in finding some sweet upgrades for free.

MW3 Zombies – All Free Perks In MW3 Zombies

Overall, MW3 Zombies currently features nine free perks, all which can be found throughout Urzikstan. Furthermore, the Perks in MW3 Zombies include:

JuggernogIncreases Maximum HealthC3 Orange Zone (Campfire)
Deadshot DaiquiriAiming Down Sights Auto-aims to enemy critical spotI3 (Graveyard
Stamin-UpIncreases Run & Sprint SpeedD7 (Zaravan City)
Quick ReviveIncreases Revive SpeedH5 (Freeway Sign) – ATV Required
Speed ColaReload/Replate fasterD2 (Vehicle Required)
Tombstone SodaIf player dies, a tombstone stash at that location containing your rucksack inventory appears in the next game.G7 (Construction Building)
Death PerceptionMakes it easier to identify hidden enemiess, chests, and other itemsE1 (Three-Ring Statue)
PHD FlopperDiving to prone position triggers explosion. Explosion radius is based on height of fall. Additionally, ability grants immunity from fall damage.H7 (Shahin Manor)
Elemental PopEvery bullet has chance to possibly fire with an Ammo Mod effectSeatown Westside

Additionally, make sure to utilize the in-game map to discover each Perk's location. Overall, MW3 Zombies' map works similar to that of a battleship board. Without further ado, we'll explain how to get each Perk in MW3 Zombies.

Where To Find All Free Perks In MW3 Zombies

  • Juggernog – C3 Orange Zone
    • Throw a Molotov at the campfire to unlock the rift.
  • Deadshot Daiquiri – I3 Graveyard
    • Player must climb above specific tombstone, and throw grenade into highest window of the building nearby. The location of this tombstone is right outside the building and to the left upon exiting (the building).
  • Stamin-Up – D7 Zaravan City
    • Enter large white skyscraper and sprint to the top with no weapons equipped.
  • Quick Revive – H5 Freeway
    • Bring an ATV under the freeway sign that leads to “Madiqa Farms”, “Al-Sada Village”, and “Orlov Military Base”. Wait until you hear a laugh, and drive your ATV to the next sign as fast as posssible.
  • Speed Cola – D2 Statue
    • Go to the statue in D2 that slightly resembles a bird with pillars next to its wings. It should have a ramp-like structure for you to drive on. Drive over the ramp and land on the ground to unlock the rift
  • Tombstone Soda G7 Construction Building
    • In G7, find the construction building near a giant orange tractor. Reach the top of the building and pull out a long-range weapon (sniper-rifle preferred). Search for a yellow crane adjacent to the building and shoot the blue bunny that appears.
  • Death Perception E1 Three-Ring Statue –
    • The player must parachute through all three rings of the statue. We recommend jumping from any of the towers across the statue, slightly to the northwest.
  • PHD Flopper – H7 Shahin Manor
    • Parachute from the top of the manor into the swimming pool
  • Elemental Pop – T3 High Level Threat Area in Western Seatown
    • Pay respects to the grave in the cemetery. To find the correct tombstone, the player must find the grave across Mr. Peeks. Additionally, the tombstone is surrounded by swords and rifles.

Remember that only one player may unlock a free perk. Therefore, make sure to discuss with your teammates who should get which Perk before each match begins. Additionally, Perks can also be bought for Essence at Soda Vending machines. However, finding some of these perks for free makes it easier for you to save up for other items.

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That wraps up all free Perks in MW3 Zombies and how to unlock them. Overall, Perks are vital to successfully completing your objectives, especially those in more dangerous areas of the map. Therefore, always make sure to stock up on the essentials like Juggernog, Quick Revive, Speed Cola, and Stamin-Up.

MW3's Season 1 is officially underway, bringing tons of exciting Multiplayer, Warzone, and Zombies content. Additionally, make sure to check out the latest patch notes to keep up to date with the latest release. We look forward to seeing what other exciting content awaits us throughout MW3's lifespan. This especially goes for the Zombies storyline, which received new missions in the latest Season 1 update.

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