Mychal Thompson supported his son Klay‘s comments about his Lakers teams in a recent press conference.

Mychal, who was a vital member of the Showtime Lakers who dominated the NBA in the 1980s, surprisingly agreed with his son saying that his team would not be able to match the offensive proficiency of the Golden State Warriors.

“We shot eight threes a game,” Mychal said Monday on the ESPN LA radio show he co-hosts, as relayed by Diamond Leung of the Mercury News. “They make eight threes a quarter. Golden State would outscore us 50-15 on threes. So how are we supposed to win? So I agree with Klay. I think they would beat us. We couldn't keep up with them offensively because of the way they could score so quickly.”

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Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

In their championship-winning seasons, those Lakers teams from the '80s only took six 3-pointers per game. Mychal has differed from his peers who played in the NBA during similar time periods as him through his willingness to admit that the game is changing the more time goes on, and for the better.

“I am a man secure in my legacy, secure in my accomplishments. I don't have to be, ‘Oh, we are better than them.' I'm not that grumpy old man even though I sound like that many a time. But I can admit with someone who I think the new era is better than something else or has changed from the time I played. And the way they play, we would have a hard time keeping up because like I said, our game wasn't shooting threes, which theirs are. And three beats two.”

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