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Nationals to toss last second offer to Juan Soto amid trade rumors

Nationals, Juan Soto Extension

MLB insider Hector Gomez reported that the Washington Nationals are prepared to make one final extension offer to superstar Juan Soto. Soto has been the subject of numerous trade rumors and is expected to be traded prior to the 2022 MLB trade deadline. However, based on Gomez’ report, there is a possibility he remains with the Nationals.


Trade rumors heated up when Soto reportedly turned down a $440 million extension offer from Washington. The Nationals, who have labored this season, are expected to sell ahead of the trade deadline. Although Soto won’t be a free agent for a couple of years, trading him now would provide peak return value for the Nats. So the Nationals either want to extend him for the long-term or trade him. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground.

Gomez’ report also states that if Soto doesn’t accept this final offer, then he will be traded before the trade deadline. So if the report holds true, we will see breaking news in reference to Juan Soto in the near future.

The question is, will it be an extension or a trade?

A trade still seems more likely. Soto already turned down $440 million from Washington. So unless the Nationals are willing to go over the $500 million dollar threshold, it would be surprising to see an extension come to fruition.

But it’s possible that the Nats make an offer the outfielder can’t refuse. Soto is a generational talent and will be worth every penny he’s paid.

We can expect the extension offer to be announced in the coming days.