The Eastern Conference has immensely improved from the previous seasons, and there are many young individuals that have propelled their certain squads to serious playoff consideration this season. Surprising squads like the Cleveland Cavaliers and Chicago Bulls have exceeded expectations, thus prompting them to have plausible candidates to be selected to play in the 2022 NBA All-Star game.

Fans and popularity are two major factors for fan voting as to the reason why Kyrie Irving and Derrick Rose are sixth and seventh, respectively in the backcourt voting in the East. Even in the front court, LaMarcus Aldridge is way past his prime, but he is still in the midst of a spot with the big men in the East. With a few outliers in the first returns of voting, there are players well-deserved to not just be in the top 10 in their position but also selected to the game itself.

Jrue Holiday

Even if the Milwaukee Bucks won it all last season, their franchise is still not being given the utmost attention in the NBA compared to the big market franchises. It is the same case for All-Star voting because Jrue Holiday's defensive prowess and playmaking skills are being under-appreciated over the course of his career.

Holiday's numbers are at 18.4 points, 4.6 rebounds, 6.7 assists, and an impressive 1.6 steals a game. He never has those highlights on Instagram or YouTube, but his methodical approach and incredible basketball IQ is more than enough to catapult Holiday to his second career NBA All-Star appearance.

Domantas Sabonis

Over the past two seasons, Domantas Sabonis has been classified as an NBA All-Star as the best player of the Indiana Pacers. Similar to Holiday, he has not been given the recognition as a sensational player in the NBA because of the decreased number of fans supporting Indiana along with the current repertoire he possesses on the floor.

Even with his unorthodox style of play, he has been one of the consistent players in the league over the past few years. On the offensive end, he brings the all-around presence to constantly involve his teammates as well. Even with a tad bit dip in his numbers, Sabonis is still tallying 18.7 markers, 11.9 caroms, and 4.5 assists per game. However, his field goal percentage has increased to an impeccable 57.5% and increasing his free throw attempts to a career high 5.6 attempts a game.

Jaylen Brown

Another backcourt option that has not been considered due to the dismal performance of his team is Jaylen Brown. Additionally, he has missed a bunch of games already this season, but he has been exceptional ever since returning from his hamstring injury. Brown was phenomenal last season, and his numbers are more of the same this year.

Brown's point production is still over 24 with his rebounds and steals numbers still at a decent rate. It is highly unlikely for the 11th place Boston Celtics to have two NBA All-Stars this season, but Brown should be at least in the top 10 in the backcourt of the East. Brown even scored 50 points in a recent game versus the Orlando Magic as those kinds of unique performances could put himself as a dark horse option as an East reserve.

Bradley Beal

Bradley Beal would definitely be a questionable decision for some because of his drastic drop-off in his efficiency and shooting this year. However, Beal has finally found his touch by playing a whole lot better over the past 10 games. The ironic aspect is how the Washington Wizards have been continually losing when their best player is rising and continually playing better.

Beal will have a tough time convincing coaches to select him over the likes of Zach LaVine, Holiday or Fred VanVleet, but he still has a long shot to make the wildcard spot in the East. His scoring ability is exceptional alone, highlighted by his 37 and 35 point outing against the Utah Jazz and Charlotte Hornets over the past month alone.

Many of the roster sports in the East are already locked up, but there are still a few that could have dark horse choices selected by the coaches. These four players that were not present in the first return voting could be heavily considered for this prestigious incentive. It would be a tough selection process on who would be cut for the NBA All-Star game, but it would still be a sensational sight to see some new and young faces like LaMelo Ball and Jarrett Allen.