Cole Anthony will do anything to win, even if it means embarrassing himself. The Orlando Magic guard proved just that when he mooned Desmond Bane and Team Isiah during the NBA All-Star weekend Rising Stars challenge.

With Team Isiah needing just one point to win, 49-48, and Bane sent to the free-throw line, Anthony knew he had to do something to distract his opponent and make sure they wouldn't close it out just yet. However, with few little time to think, the Team Worthy guard did what could be said as the oldest trick in the book of silly ways to get the attention of anyone: mooning.

Anthony pulled his short down and showed his buttocks to Bane. Unfortunately for him, the Memphis Grizzlies scorer couldn't care less and minded his own business to seal the deal and advance to the Finals of the NBA All-Star rising star challenge.

While Cole Anthony and Team Worthy lost in the semifinal round, it doesn't look like the Magic playmaker has any regrets. In fact, he seemed quite proud of what he did, taking it to Twitter to say he does “what it takes for the win.”

We're not so sure if that is even allowed in the NBA, a league that wants to be as family-friendly as possible. If he does it in a regular season game, the league might even fine him.

But thanks to Anthony's antics, we've got additional entertainment to talk about before the NBA All-Star competitions on Saturday and Sunday.