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Stats show difference between NBA All-Star Game, regular-season games

NBA All-Star Game

There is little doubt in anyone’s mind that there is a big difference between the NBA All-Star Game and a regular-season game. As usual, stats don’t lie.

There is less defense in All-Star games, which was leads to the uptick in offensive numbers. Outside of the steals, it is a platform for the best in the game to show what they can do with the ball in their hand. Which is just as it should be.

The lack of defense is good for several reasons. First off, there is the entertainment factor. All-Star Weekend is supposed to be an entertaining time for fans to see a collection of the games’ top talent. That is what was on display in Charlotte. Offense is more exciting than defense to the average fan.

Secondly, it is supposed to be a relaxing weekend for the players. Guess what isn’t relaxing? Playing defense. It is hard, it takes effort, and it’s easier to be a little lazier. The game is just for fun, so there is no need to play as hard as possible to get the win.

The final factor is injuries. Nobody wants to see a star player get hurt at all, especially during an exhibition game. That is where not putting it all out there is a good thing. For example, the Los Angeles Lakers are gearing up for a stretch run, they can’t afford to lose LeBron James because he went a little too hard in the All-Star game.

So, yes, the stats favor offense in the NBA All-Star Game. That is clear and obvious, but it is the best thing for the sport. Healthy starts and an offensive display are what will keep the fans coming back for more.