NBA legend Scottie Pippen's house for sale
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NBA legend Scottie Pippen’s house for sale

Are you a huge Chicago Bulls fan? Are the ’95-’96 Bulls your favorite team? Was Scottie Pippen your favorite player from that team or your favorite period? Have you ever wanted to have a taste of Scottie’s everyday life?

Well, you are in luck, as the NBA legend and Hall of Famer has put his Highland Park home up for sale. It’s quite the deal, as it’s apparently starting at a little under 3.1 million dollars, according to

Scottie Pippen

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

You’re asking “but Brando,n what is included with this steal of a deal?!” Let me break it down for you.

First of all, if you are a family man or woman with many kids that often use the bathroom, this house is perfect. There’s need to ever worry about having to wait for bathrooms being occupied. Scottie’s ensured that five full bathrooms and half a bathroom are inside this house! That means you, your lover, and kids can have their very own bathrooms each. Never having to worry about someone using your toothbrush or not restocking the toilet paper. Side note: it also comes with five bedrooms, no big deal.

Secondly, you also get a two-story living room, so when the kids are being loud, you can go upstairs to watch your soap operas in peace. Now, how awesome is that?!

I forgot to mention there are two master bedroom suites in the house as well, for when the in-laws decide to show up.

Onto the minor parts of the house, which include a large recreation room, media room, clubhouse with sauna and steam, game room, and wine-cellar.

Now there are some downs to this piece of NBA memorabilia, one of which is the property size.

It’s a modest 2.9 acres with an infinity pool and basketball gym installed. The garage only has room for three cars and apparently the mansion also features a finished basement too!

Overall, I hope you would consider buying this house, as it’s a steal at that price. Trust me, I know I would if I was a die-hard Bulls fan (and had the funds).

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