NBA news: Bill Russell hangs out with Kyrie Irving, Zach LaVine, and Jamal Crawford
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Bill Russell hangs out with Kyrie Irving, Zach LaVine, and Jamal Crawford

bill russell, kyrie irving, zach lavine, jamal crawford

Despite his old age, basketball Hall of Famer Bill Russell has been a staple presence in watching NBA games and events. Recently, the eleven-time world champion with the Boston Celtics spent some time watching NBA stars Kyrie Irving, Zach Lavine, and Jamal Crawford during a pick-up game.

Russell posted their group picture in his Twitter account.

Usually, legends of his age don’t go about spending time with young guns like Irving and Lavine. But the fact that the 84-year old actively uses Twitter (with a great hashtag game) makes him different.

But Russell has never been passive throughout his career. As much as he was a great teammate, he was even more influential in the community. MassLive’s Marty Martinez and David Sharpio had their take on how Russell used his stature as a driving force in fighting for the rights of the people.

“Russell’s incredible athletic ability and unequivocal leadership skills provided him with a platform to give voice to human rights issues, to advocate for equality – even marching with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and to create a legacy that will ensure our city and our country’s young people have the opportunities for which he fought.”

Pegged as arguably the greatest teammate of all-time, he led the Celtics to eleven championships, making the green-and-white one the most decorated franchises in league history. And even when he already retired from playing the game, he still mentored a lot of young players. One of them was Los Angeles Lakers legend himself, Kobe Bryant.

“He’s won a lot of championships. We all know that,” Bryant said, referring to Russell. “But every championship team he’s been on had a different dynamic, had a different challenge that he had to deal with from teammates not seeing eye-to-eye, guys to believe or fit into their system, their role, dealing with success, pulling a team out of failure, … all those things are things that I have gone to him for.”

Bill Russell is truly a magnificent guiding light for young players in need of direction not just in their basketball career, but in life as well.