A potential deal between former Toronto Raptors point guard Jeremy Lin and Russian powerhouse CSKA Moscow has fallen apart, according to Emiliano Carchia of Sportando.

The newly minted NBA champion is simply not interested in making a deal in Europe, still holding out one last hope to crack a spot on an NBA roster. Carchia warned not to rule out a potential stint in China, which Lin has noted he would consider in the future.

That future could be a lot closer than Lin originally expected, as the free-agent market has dried out considerably after the last wave of free agents were inked to deals in the wake of Kawhi Leonard's signing with the LA Clippers.

The 30-year-old point man recently shared his candid feelings about his situation, admitting he thinks the NBA has already given up on him as a player. Teams are reportedly concerned about his mobility, which has hindered his opportunities after spending half of last season with the Hawks and the latter half with the Raptors, virtually netting a free ride to the championship alongside a Leonard-led team.

Lin admitted his feelings about the title are bittersweet because it's not one he feels he earned, but the days of him being a viable rotation player in the league are largely done. Lin simply has no stellar abilities that make him a need in this league, with plenty of younger players who are faster, stronger, better shooters and more athletically gifted than he is at this point of his career.

The NBA game has turned to favor youth over experience, and Lin is one of the latest players to find that out the hard way. There may be an opening for him if he waits until the season starts, but he may want to weigh his chances outside of the United States if he hopes to keep his career alive for many years to come.