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Dwyane Wade reacts to Aaron Gordon’s diss track

NBA legend Dwyane Wade has taken to Twitter to come out with his much-awaited response (well, not really) to Orlando Magic forward Aaron Gordon’s recent diss track.

On Sunday, the 6-foot-8 forward-turned-rapper dropped the music video for his latest track entitled “9 OUT OF 10,” which centers around Gordon’s controversial loss during the Slam Dunk Contest in February.

For his part, Wade took a bit of a high-road approach, somewhat refusing to engage with Gordon’s pettiness:

Instead of criticizing or mocking Gordon’s no-holds-barred attack on him, Wade has instead opted to diffuse the situation by responding with a joke.

Then again, if you dig deeper into the schematics of Wade’s tweet (yes, we will do that here since most of us have so much time on our hands right now), he also appears to be taking a low-key shot at Gordon.

Wade references one of Gordon’s lines stating that Wade’s alleged robbery cost Gordon “a mill.” Surely Gordon could not have cleared a million dollars by winning the Slam Dunk Contest alone, so in a way, Wade is actually calling out Gordon’s gross exaggeration here.

At the end of the day, this is a whole lot of unnecessary noise for something that we have all pretty much put behind us already — with the exception of Gordon, of course.

Since Gordon has now aired his grievances in a very artistic manner, we hope this latest NBA “beef” officially comes to an end. Then again, maybe the Magic stud still has a second diss track on the way. Who knows?