NBA news: Fan makes 9 custom retro NBA jerseys that are absolute fire
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Fan makes 9 custom retro NBA jerseys that are absolute fire

James Harden, Rockets, Clippers, Nuggets

When people talk NBA, it is synonymous with killer crossovers, highlight-reel dunks, flashy passes, superstars, and all-stars. Aside from the glitz and glamour, legacy and heritage is embedded at the heart of every team.

Each team will always be connected to its city’s beginnings. The league, the team, and its players may continue to evolve, but there is always a time in a season that they pay homage to their roots and identity.

The NBA jersey has come a long way. From sponsor changes to style adjustments, traditional to more relevant, despite everything moving forward, we look at the goodness of retro with the flair of the current.

Redditor IncaseAce, may have found exactly that. A guy named srelix has been blazing through Instagram and other social media platforms with his wicked custom NBA jerseys.  He made a collection of custom Nike jerseys that would make every old-school basketball enthusiast’s jaw drop.

Revamped retro logos, designs, and colorways combined with clean and streamlined cuts bring you the best of both worlds, old-school flavor fused with a new-school design.

Looking at these, you cannot help but have a sense of pride and nostalgia with these impressive designs. Brings you back to those good old days!

These are so hot that they may actually be even better than the current retro designs. Some might even go out on a limb and say these are the best jerseys ever.

In a league full of surprises, it would be a pleasant surprise to see our favorite players rocking these awesome designs someday.