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Fans react to TNT’s free throw line shot clock graphic


Much to the delight of millions of basketball junkies across the world, the 2019-20 NBA season officially kicked off on Tuesday night.

Aside from a lot of players changing zip codes, fans watching at home were also treated to a new on-screen graphic by TNT which highlighted the 24-second shot clock.

The slick new feature made its debut in the highly anticipated “Battle of LA” between the Lakers and Clippers. The innovative graphic, which counted down each possession in a small circle at the top of the key, acted out as a second shot clock for viewers, aside from the traditional scoreboard graphic.

The ticking timer even changed its display color to red when the shot clock is about to expire, giving fans a better grasp of each possession.

NBA fans were quick to share their two cents on the new technology, with some lauding it for its “futuristic” design.

Other NBA fans, meanwhile, found it too distracting and totally unnecessary.

After garnering mixed reviews during its first day of inception, only time will tell if the new shot-clock graphic is here to stay.

TNT will likely gauge viewers’ opinions in the coming days and assess if they will push through with it throughout the season.