NBA news: Lakers' Brandon Ingram gives Celtics' Terry Rozier a signed jersey
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Lakers’ Brandon Ingram gives Celtics’ Terry Rozier a signed jersey

Lakers, Celtics, Brandon Ingram, Terry Rozier

As the cliche goes, the NBA is one big family. There are special connections between different players, and that proves to be true more often than not.

The most recent example is Los Angeles Lakers forward Brandon Ingram giving Boston Celtics guard Terry Rozier a signed jersey. This exchange was seen on Reddit.

It is confusing. The Lakers and Celtics do not like each other. From the early days of the NBA through the Magic Johnson/Larry Bird era, these teams have a contentious history.

Kyrie Irving wanted to leave his star companion LeBron James and he went to the Celtics. Then James departed the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Lakers. Those are two top players to square off in the historic rivalry.

The script would be written, except the Lakers are not holding up their end of the bargain. It seems the Celtics are surging and the Lakers have just collapsed. Make the argument that the Western Conference is more difficult, but the Lakers should still be able to make the playoffs.

Since they are not competitive, rising star Ingram gifted a signed jersey to Rozier. It makes sense even if they Lakers held up their end of the deal. The rivalry is only active when the teams play each other.

We are far removed from coastal royalty. Over the last few years it has been Golden State and Cleveland, which is only one coast. So, it is a nice gesture from Ingram.