NBA news: LaVar Ball slams Donald Trump, calls him a 'racist'
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LaVar Ball slams Donald Trump, calls him a ‘racist’

LaVar Ball, Donald Trump

LaVar Ball is definitely one of the most outspoken personalities in the world of basketball today. This is exactly why it comes as no surprise that Ball has gone on a recent tirade, calling Donald Trump a racist.

Speaking to the cameras of TMZ Sports, Ball openly criticized Trump and willingly explained his rationale behind his bold claim.

“Do I think he’s racist? Yes, he’s racist,” claims Ball. “Everybody know that. Everybody knows that. That’s not a secret. It’s not a secret. If you’re bothering a lot of black folks, I’m going to say you’re racist. If you’re bothering a lot Hispanics, I’m going to say you’re racist. If you messing with everybody but whoever is not your kind, whoever is your kind you’re not messing with, I call you racist if you like that. That’s easy to spot out.”

The Ball family patriarch was in part defending LeBron James here after Trump’s highly-publicized social media attack on the Los Angeles Lakers star.

Ball went on to discuss his thoughts on the political inclinations of Lonzo Ball, as well as his other sons.

“My boys are their own,” he adds. “Like I said, it’s not like I’m saying ‘Go out there and be political’ to my boys. I want my boys to have a fun life, play basketball, something that they love, raise they family [sic]. That’s it. I’m not worried about them saying ‘You know what, let’s go black power’ or let’s go do something for this. I don’t want them to get stuck all in that. It’s ok. I’d love for my boys to just have a passion for playing basketball and love everybody that’s nice to them. But if you come at them crazy, we don’t like it.”

It appears that Ball himself has very strong political inclinations, but won’t mind one bit if his children do not follow in his footsteps, and instead, focus on the game of basketball.