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NBA Twitter account announces ‘Heads Up Play of the Day’ segment

The social media accounts of the NBA usually post daily highlights from some of the league’s brightest stars. From a LeBron James’ dunk, Steph Curry 3-pointers, to a Kyrie Irving crossover, fans are sure to see spectacular plays on a regular basis.

Recently, the NBA’s Twitter account announced that it will be launching a new segment called ‘Heads Up Play of the Day.’

Instead of featuring an individual player, the Heads Up Play of the Day aims to put the spotlight on one specific play from a particular team that that showcases great teamwork.

In its very first episode last night, Heads Up Play of the Day featured the Boston Celtics, who faced the Los Angeles Lakers at home. It showed the Celtics’ great chemistry, which allowed them to build a nine point lead against their opponents heading into the second half.

The segment will come with an analysis from the league’s best sportscasters, giving the fans more insight as to how great a specific team play can help win games.

The Heads Up Play of the Day is a great idea from the NBA, as it will put more emphasis on the importance of teamwork in the game of basketball. Sure, the league is built around the best individual talents, but they cannot win games alone. They need role players, teammates that knows how to trust each and work together in order to be successful.

Follow the NBA on Twitter to see Heads Up Play of the Day and other segments created by the league’s social media team.